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Rebellion’s New Project is a Nazi Zombie Army

It seems that Sniper Elite V2 developer, Rebellion, will be releasing a new game set within the Sniper Elite V2 universe. It’s not quite historically focused as you might expect though, except for the fact it’s stuck in a total cultural vacuum.

After having put out a couple of teasers, which pointed at a February 14th reveal, Digital Spy have managed to grab the reveal a day early and it shows exactly what we feared, a zombie themed release.

Known as Nazi Zombie Army, its being developed by Rebellion and will be published on Steam directly.

More information about it will be given tomorrow when the title is available for pre-purchase on Steam too.

For now all we can say is enjoy the trailer filled with summons, gun toting zombies and four players working together to shoot them all in the head.

At least the Wii U can look forward to “the most definitive version” of Sniper Elite V2 when that releases on Nintendo’s console.

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