Sega Insist Gearbox Made Aliens

After the shoddy release that was Aliens: Colonial Marines yesterday, Sega have stated that Time Gate – the studio deemed responsible for the titles shortcomings – didn’t actually have any major involvement in the production of the space shooter.

The news comes from Dark Side of Gaming who are reporting Sega’s senior producer Matthew J. Powers words from an Italian Aliens: Colonial Marines launch event.

“Absolutely not, the game has been developed by Gearbox Software,” said Powers. “Other studios [like Timegate] helped Gearbox on the production of single and multiplayer.”

This sits in line with Randy Pitchfords statement of 80 percent of the game being produced by Gearbox. However, it goes against the post made by an alleged former Gearbox employee – who stated most of the title was in the hands of Time Gate Studios.

While it’s not utter concrete proof of how much was done by who, it’s enough to say that this is really all down to Gearbox’s efforts across a disjointed and elongated development period.

At least they’re going about trying to fix it all.

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