Skyrim DLC for PS3 Finally Dated

As announced last month, Bethesda are finally bringing the three Skyrim expansions over to PS3 after their long delay.

Today, Bethesda actually announced the dates we can expect the content to arrive, and it’ll hit PSN with a 50% off discount for the first week – although prices haven’t been announced as of yet.

For North America, Elder Scrolls players can look forward to getting hands on with Dragonborn from Tuesday, February 12th; Hearthfire from Tuesday, February 19th; and Dawnguard from Tuesday February 26th.

Naturally you’d assume that Europe would see each title release the next day – as per usual with EU store updates – however Bethesda haven’t said any more than NA dates as the authentication process for Europe is harder to pass.

Patch 1.8 will also be available for download too.

We’ll update you when we have more info.

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