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Slender: The Arrival Looks Beyond Scary

The original Slender: The Eight Pages was a free-to-play cult hit that saw you scrambling in the dark before being startled by the downright creepy SlenderMan.

Now though, the first gameplay video of the beefed up and vastly improved Slender: The Arrival has appeared online, and it promises to be utterly horrific.

Featuring improved visuals and expanded gameplay, Slender: The Arrival is far more tense than its free predecessor. Due to it’s meaty upgrade, developer Blue Isle has also explained some interesting pre-order offers on the title, with all tiers gaining access to the beta build.

The initial pre-order price gives you a downloadable copy of the title for £3.27 and access to the beta test.

Dropping £6.54 on the retail price bags you the same deal, but as Blue Isle said “you’re feeling generous.”

For £9.81 you can pick up a Soundtrack Edition, granting you the game, beta access and a downloadable soundtrack for your own creepy pleasure.

Putting down £16.34 means you’ll get everything plus five downloadable high-res paintings. If you stick down £39.22 you’ll gain the Producer’s Edition, thus granting yourself everything seen before, plus your name on the credits roll.

Slender: The Arrival lands on PC and Mac on March 26th, and you can check out the pant-wetting video below.

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