Sony Announce PlayStation 4

At Sony’s event in New York this evening, the PlayStation developer and publisher unveiled everything we had all been expecting: the PlayStation 4.

Having expected Sony to really pull something impressive out of the bag, it appears that they weren’t going to disappoint and began their punchy presentation by bringing out their new console architect, Mark Cerny.

Having previously worked for Atari and other big hitters in his development career, he’s the first non-Japanese architect Sony have hired. His aim was to work with developers to bring out the best in Sony’s hardware with PlayStation 4.

This turnaround is probably due to Sony wanting to win over developers once again after they failed to do so with the PS3 and its clumsy architecture.

All in all though it’s one powerful beast, which could mean it’s also a darn expensive one.

It’ll utilise hardware similar to that of a PC, but features a X86 CPU, Supercharged PC architecture, a whopping 8GB DDR5 RAM, a dedicated chip for video encoding and sharing along with a powerful APU that runs at 2 teraflops.

You can see the full internal specs in the image below:

We didn’t get to see the console itself, but we did get a look at the new controller which has touchscreen and the rumoured Share button too. Interestingly the PS4 will also launch with a ‘light bar’ that can “identify players”. Essentially sounding like another Kinect peripheral.

Most tantalisingly of all, Sony announced – very slyly – that the PlayStation 4 would be arriving this “Holiday 2013″. hold a date of November 22nd – although we assume this is speculation.

Check out the images of the controller below, and a trailer of developers praising it’s system and architecture.

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