TimeGate Staff Developed 50% of Aliens

As we suspected it could well be, this whole debate over who developed what for Aliens: Colonial Marines has become one massive he-said she-said debacle.

Firstly, thanks to a forum post by an ex-Gearbox member, we heard that Gearbox had outsourced the work to Section 8 developer Time Gate Studios. It was then found that Randy Pitchford said that Gearbox had produced at least 80 percent of Colonial Marines.

Then Sega chimed in stating that it was practically entirely Gearbox’s production with “other studios” lending a hand.

Now Time Gate have weighed in and it seems that they estimate that at least 50 percent of Aliens: Colonial Marines is their work.

This new revelation comes courtesy of TheSixthAxis who are reporting that over on the Time Gate forums a site moderator is saying the split is a little more fifty-fifty.

“Messaged a few people in TG and found out that TG basically had a hand in everything, wrote Rossinna-Sama. “They are responsible for the weapons, the characters, some of the story, a fair amount of the aliens, and I don’t mean conceptualization, they did the actual work of making said weapons and so on.

“Technically they did work on the MP component, just not in the way I initially thought.

“This said, the game underwent a lot of changes so TG doesn’t actually know how much of their content is left. Some had the estimate that 50% of what you see in the campaign is their work, others wanted to see for themselves and would get back to me after playing the game themselves.”

TheSixthAxis also report that Gearbox have backed up this claim, saying: “If you take pre-production out of it, their [TimeGate’s] effort’s probably equivalent to ours.”

So, while things may have changed and morphed over time, Time Gate did have a hand in it – but as Sega points out, it’s still very much Gearbox’s title and as the forum moderator concludes:

“You can’t really “blame” TG for this. They were outsourced to do parts of ACM, and it does not represent current TG design philosophy. ACM is still mostly a Gearbox production and it was they who made the final call on all content.”

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