Four In February!

It’s exactly 00:00 GMT February 1st as I begin to scribe this post. You’d think the headline would read “Today Begins The ‘Four In February’ Challenge”, but it seemingly does not. For the sake of those who live in the PST timezones or those that are still likely to be enjoying the evening of January 31st, it’ll stay the way it is to avoid confusing while the GTM folk can catch up in the morning as you sleep.

Cutting to the chase, now the ‘Four In February’ incentive gives us gamers the simple task of alleviating 4 games from our ever-increasing tower of incomplete games. The idea is a simple one with the secondary – although totally optional – idea of selling the 4 (or more) completed games back and handing over the garnered cash to a local charity. In no way do we take credit for the idea but instead look to really raise awareness of the challenge and maybe hope for it to become a yearly event within the gaming community – maybe to use it as motivation to play those big releases we missed months – or even years – back and to re-evaluate the judgments laid on them by others, or to respark the commotion they once caused.

There’s many uses for this sudden arising challenge as explained above, and it’s certainly not one that I am just going to let pass by. I already avoid ‘Movember’ for fear of looking like a convict or striking fear into the hearts of the elderly living in the home atop my street every day; at least with another reason to clear my ever growing pile of games rather than looking to buy more whenever I’m coaxed over by a coloured – 75% tag (I’m looking at you, Steam), I’m more likely to achieve the end goal without accidentally killing someone in the process.


The added idea to sell the titles back and to celebrate the small advance on my glaring back-catalog with a charitable gift – and maybe a trip to Starbucks – just gives me all the more reason to go into this at full force with my head held high and my hands all over my keyboard/controller/mouse or whatever the hell I end up using. It’s hard to re-sell a Steam game – actually it’s nigh on impossible and very much frowned upon by Valves own terms – but it’s easy to evaluate the resale price of the retail copies and simple enough to donate the sum from Paypal to… somewhere.

For all future purposes, my 4 games of choice are as follows, are in no particular order and range heavily between genres and platforms;

  1. The Last Remnant (2008)
  2. Final Fantasy XIII-2 (2012)
  3. Alan Wake (2010)
  4. Alice: Madness Returns (2011)

I’ll most likely begin with Alice: Madness Returns and will be posting a weekly log as I run through the games – obviously I’m expecting the JRPGs to require more time than the remaining two, so that’s rough time-frames and goals thrown out of the window already!

Whether the other guys on board here at TGH will get involved is beyond me. This has literally been a spare of the moment decision and with the challenge’s Facebook page only having around 1.4k ‘Likes’, it’s hard to tell whether the idea will catch on. It’s worth a shot though! Let’s just hope my personal life and review commitments don’t get in the way too much!

If you’re getting involved with the project, let us know! Just drop a comment below with your list of games and we’ll support you 100% of the way!

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  • JustaGamerFebruary 5, 2013 at 6:45 pmLike or Dislike Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

    This is a great initiative. Good luck trying to nail all 4 games mate. I remember when I could that in month. Once I nailed 12 full games in 6 months between wokr, home, etc a little difficult now, getting old lol. Still gaming though so it’s all good ;)