Toukiden to Get Demo Prior to Release

Tecmo Koei’s upcoming game from the folks behind Dynasty WarriorsToukiden will be getting a demo before its release, reports Siliconera.

There’s still no word of a release of the PlayStation Vita or PSP build of the game coming West, but some of us will still be able to get some hands on with the exciting new giant monster slaying title.

The idea behind Toukiden is to give you materials and the means to create more powerful weapons and armour – instead of just ramping up your stats through level increases.

Interestingly, Toukiden is cross compatable on Vita and PSP, so you can play with someone on a different generation system. The PSP version also supports Adhoc Party play.

Fingers crossed that at least the Vita version makes its way here as it looks pretty incredible.

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