Velocity Ultra Is Shaping Up Nicely

Interested in seeing how FuturLab’s Velocity Ultra is coming along? Of course you do, and thats why the team behind – quite possibly – the most successful PS Minis title have released some Alpha build screens for you to drool over.

While the screens (shown below) look perfectly wonderful to myself – what with the beautiful shading and lighting going on with the new stylistic visuals – no developer is happy with their masterpiece.

“There’s still plenty of visual improvements to be made,” reads James Marsden’s post on FuturLab’s blog. “The trail, whilst improved, can be smoothed out a little, and we’ve yet to get the nebula swirl colours right. We’re also still tweaking the lighting shader…”

“There’s still tons to do.”

Still, it looks great already and while FuturLab are keen to stress that the Vita’s screenshot compression isn’t doing the game many favours, it looks ” LOADS better on the actual screen,” says Marsden, and we’re inclined to believe him.

So far Velocity Ultra seems to be shaping up nicely, especially with the clever leaderboard system that FuturLab has introduced.

Unfortunately there is still no ETA on when we’ll see it arrive, but until then you can enjoy the screens below.

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