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Darkstalkers Resurrection review

Being a complete stranger to the Darkstalkers series and not exactly being the most adept at beat-‘em-ups – despite my most valiant efforts of executing more than the simplest of Street Fighter combos – I was rather unsure as to what I should expect from Darkstalkers Resurrection.

Released as a compilation of both Darkstalkers 3 and Night Warriors, Capcom has done well to try and give you an experience similar to the classic arcade gameplay by allowing you to modify a large amount of the graphical options. Filters can be turned on and off to smooth pixels or to render them in their rawest form. You can also stretch the view to hide the widescreen borders or switch to an over-the-shoulder perspective – if that should take your fancy. It’s these kind of slight graphical tweaks that ensure you have the kind of experience you want, whether be it giving you a retro experience or letting you experience a newer, more modern, feel.

Pleasingly, there’s also a lot to do in Darkstalkers Resurrection and if, like me, you’re not too good at that whole “beat-‘em-up” thing, then you can head straight into the tutorial and training modes to learn the ropes. Tutorial gives you the basic, yet crucial, moves of each character you care to try it out with. Understandably this serves as a great introduction into what moves you want to break out at the start of a match. It’s also a great way of introducing you to the huge variety of combos you’ll be smashing out in fights.

It might just be because I’m simply awful at beat ‘em ups but Darkstalkers Resurrection is one particularly difficult title – it really spares no time in piling on the punches, kicks and combos as you progress through its challenging ‘arcade mode’.  Though, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing of course. Especially when we seem to be surrounded by gamers complaining over their pastime becoming easier as “in the old days” games were more difficult. This means you have to keep on trying, practicing and persevering for more than just be a couple of hours a day. That is, unless you’re used to the whole beat ‘em up thing. It’s going to be days of gruelling button mashing until you finally nail those special moves.

Darkstalkers Resurrection is one fighting game that’s definitely meant to be played with the Turbo switched on.  When in Normal mode, combat seems slightly slow and ever so slightly sluggish. But with when Turbo is flicked on, everything cranks up and fighting becomes blisteringly fast paced and exciting – giving you no time to even blink once gets into the rhythm of gameplay, pounding buttons to create winning combos.

Naturally, multiplayer is an incredibly strong addition and thanks to the netcode, lag is very much kept to a minimum. You can also filter your games by region, skill and ping threshold to help reduce any possibility of the dreaded lag. You can also create eight-player lobbies, allowing you to ban up to five characters – so if you find any characters particularly over-powered you can keep them out of your multiplayer. There’s also a great little feature that allows you to upload you replays straight to YouTube, letting you do away with the world of capture cards.

Darkstalkers Resurrection is a really strong re-master of two classic beat-‘em-ups and Capcom has done incredibly well in allowing you to hark back to the days of arcade fun. Fights can be frantic and the character tutorials are a brilliant introduction for new players. Essentially, this is a fun, frenetic and deep fighter that’s accessible to newcomers and interesting enough for veterans.

Audio/Visual – 5/5: The different ways you can change the visuals is brilliant and helps create a great gameplay experience.

Gameplay – 5/5: Fast, crazy and bonkers, Darkstalkers Resurrection is a great beat-‘em-up with a really fun style of fighting.

Innovation – 3/5: A re-make of sorts but with improvements that make this one strong game.

Value – 4/5: Lots of bang for your buck with a solid amount of practise in the tutorials and arcade, you can get some excellent multiplayer matches going.

Final Score: 4/5

- Jordan played Darkstalkers Resurrection on PlayStation 3 -

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