Deoxys available for Pokéfans next month

The legendary Pokémon Deoxys of Emerald fame will be available for not only players of Pokémon Black and White 2 but to all the Pokémon TCG players out there.

Starting May 8th Black and White 2 players can pick up Deoxys through a special character distribution via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service.

For all the TCG players out there, you can pick up the new Deoxys-EX card in the new Pokémon TCG: Black & White – Plasma Freeze expansion in stores on the same day.

Black & White 2 players can use Deoxys in Normal Forme, Attack Forme, Defense Forme, and Speed Forme – each useful for different circumstances and the Deoxys available via this distribution will have special moves to be revealed in the coming weeks.

To get one in your party, you’ll have to do the following come May 8th:

Get yourself to wireless broadband Internet access with your DS/3DS of choice loaded up with either Black 2 or White 2 with no more than 11 Wonder Cards in your possession and download the little critter!

Oh and check out the card below, it’s rather special!


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