HoN Grand Finals-Day 1-A Second Look

Ric King here, and this is my ‘second take’ coverage of the Heroes of Newerth Grand Finals competition here at the Palms Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Day one of the Heroes of Newerth Tour Grand Finals saw 2 first round match ups looking to knock the losers down and nudge the winners up. The first match – a brutal display of force in Stay Green‘s 3-0 domination of the Lions Esports Team – with the second displaying a closely contested upset in a full five game series between Complexity Gaming and Trademark Esports.

Game one saw Stay Green captain ‘Swindlemelonzz’ commandeer his squad to victory in a quick and convincing fashion with the longest game lasting around 40 minutes. Team Stay Green swept the Lions Esports Team in a landslide 3-0 push knocking the defeated into the losers bracket following 3 rounds of very aggressive play from the Stay Green squad.

The second round of the match was unanimously decided to be the most exciting of the set as the Lions held a promising advantage of 3-1 for nearly 30 minutes – an outcome very different from the first 17-2 demolition.It was at the thirty-five (35) minute mark however, that saw the patience of Stay Green pay off, as they pushed toward three towers in strategic fashion which yielded them not only those three towers, but seven (7) kills in a matter of no time.


This was to be the deciding action of the match, as onlookers exploded in amazement at the turn of events. Lions tried to rally, and with three (3) kills of their own it looked like they could comeback, but it was not to be. Once the strategy of Stay Green captain ‘Swindlemelonzz’ began its execution there was no looking back and the game wrapped up shortly after. In the post game interview, Swindlemelonzz made clear that the length of the game was intentional as part of a new strategy, and at no point was the game ever in doubt.

Moving onto match 2 and things become very different. What can only be described by that most overused of words: ‘Epic’. Complexity Gaming v Trademark Esports was fantastic to watch. Going to a full five games, each of which was closely contested to the bitter end, this match up turned into a seesaw round with both teams exchanging towers early and often.

Both teams showed exemplary skill and strategy, which was evident by two early games going around an hour each. Even in the midst of these long battles, everyone in attendance watched in hectic anticipation as these two teams exchanged wins back and forth to the fifth round.


To watch the live feed with superb casting by ‘Breaky’ and ‘Emperor’, you truly got a feel for the dynamic game that Heroes of Newerth can be – I can say my heart legitimately raced as the end drew near for the favored Complexity Gaming. the question will remain tomorrow; can Trademark Esports knock off a giant and end the 27 match win streak of Stay Green, or will it be a perfect 30 as the squad rolls to the $32,000 winner’s purse?

For more in depth coverage check out the play by play posts by Nathan – here – and stay tuned for video coverage to come of all four teams with pre and post game interviews, developer comments, and more as we prepare for Day Two and the Grand Final match up between  Stay Green v Trademark Esports. It looks to be a true ‘David versus Goliath’ scale battle.

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