HoN Grand Finals – Day 1 – Stay Green Vs Lions

Here in Vegas, the Heroes of Newerth finals are about to get underway. With the first match pitting the sG Stay Green and Lions teams against each other, it’s about high time I introduce you to the passionate players who make up each competing side of today’s bout.

‘sG Stay Green’ – A relatively new team to the Heroes of Newerth professional line up – features Hightstown, New Jersey residents Kyle ‘Swindlemelonzz’ Freedman, and his brother Zakari ‘Zfreek’ Freedman as the team’s founding members with Maurice ‘kheZu’ Gutman and Rasmus ‘Cheesie’ Blomdin forming the European presence of the squad leaving  Trent ‘sLiCKz’ Tucker as the distant traveler from Australia.

On the other side, we have the ‘Lions’ ushering in an all-Swede team to represent the jolly nation as a whole. Simon ‘Handskin’ Haag and Dennis ‘Flensmeister’ Brofalk sit as the only two teenagers of the team while Elias ‘sealkid’ Merta, Emil ‘Superkge’ Karlsson and Patrick ‘krebsen’ Krebs all pride themselves between the teenage years and their 21st birthdays.


It’s the first match of day one. Each match is the best of 5 rounds where the emerging victor gets to move on to the finals and another step closer to a cool $32,000 dollars. As the match started up you could feel that both teams were excited and ready for action with energy literally coming from sG Stay Green as they yelled loud enough to overshadow the Lions’ evident focus and composition.

sG Stay Green starts the match off with a 2-0 kill lead over the Lions who quickly retaliate by wiping out one of the crew members from sG Stay Green making it 1-2. But the quick victory is short-lived as the mixed-team skyrocket the boards to a  10-2 score and aim directly for the Lions’ den.

At this point, sG Stay Green go on the relentless death-march to score a double kill leaving the Lions to pick up the pieces of their fallen comrades (and base) as their attackers went on the onslaught to tear it down brick-by-brick.  As if to little surprise at this point, sG Stay Green continued to eradicate the Lions and their base ending the match on a 17-2 close.

In the second round, however, the Lions held up a lot better for the first 17 or so minutes. Kicking up a 3-1 lead, they managed to quell the cries of sG Stay Green supporters as they dug down into an even more evident concentration.


By now, sG Stay Green seemed to have misjudged the real power of the Lions. Coming up to the 20 minute mark had Stay Green launch a counter-attack upon the Lions base with the defending team pulling off exactly what was needed to resist the blows and push the adventurous multi-national team back for a little longer with the same scenario breaking out before long.

With both teams managing to salvage each player from the brawls, things were beginning to even out between the two rivaling factions. With the atmosphere from the first round cleanly wiped from the slate, the Lions were taken off guard during the next battle losing 4 of their 5-man squad.  sG Stay Green goes for another attack taking out 4 of the members of Lions and it just seems like everything is downhill from there for the Lions.

With the result of the disastrous battle still looming overhead, sG Stay Green took the chance to attack the Lions once more for a near-clean wipe on the base of the Swedish Lions leaving a familiar 16-4 stain on the record of the European fighters with the 3rd, and final, round proving a white-wash for the team in much the same was the the last.

The Lions had been ejected from the Semi-finals in a spectacular manor with the team displaying their sportsmanship and champion attitudes by simply stating “They were really good.” – the perfect compliment and homage to pay to a competing team. Tomorrow sees the Lions go up against the losing team from the Complexity v Trademark E-Sports match in an attempt to claim 3rd place.


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