HoN Grand Finals – Stay Green Vs Trademark

At the forefront of our Heroes of Newerth Grand Final coverage in Las Vegas, Nevada, The multinational Stay Green squad go up against Trademark eSports in the final deciding set of 5 matches. The winning team here will walk away with a gigantic $32,000 prize pool and a title they’ll be very proud to show off. Here’s the round-by-round coverage right now;


Round 1
This match is the for everything and it just kicked off. 4 minutes into the match Stay Green gets their first hero kill. TDM goes in to attack Stay Green’s base but soon retreats.

Stay Green is able to get 2 hero kills while TDM gets their first. TDM soon follows up with a double tap granting them 2 hero kills making it 3-3. We see Stay Green take down two of TDM’s defense towers all within the first 10 minutes of the first round. TDM is able to take down one of Stay Green’s towers around the same time they lost their second.

11 minutes in the heroes kill score is 3 Stay Green, 3 TDM. 12 minutes in Stay Green has 6 kills and TDM only has 4. Stay Green takes out another tower and then heads in shortly after getting 2 more hero kills before being forced to retreat. TDM goes after another tower but is pushed back right away.

Stay Green has 9 towers remaining and TDM has 8 with 16 mins on the clock. Stay Green goes after TDM and just runs them over. Stay green just beat TDM in 17 mins in the first round.


Round 2

With the start of the round, the question on everyone’s lips is “Can they really pull out another short game?”. We’ll have to wait to find out.

6 minutes into the round Stay Green gets the first kill. Shortly after TDM get their first kill and takes down one of Stay Greens towers. 11 mins in and Stay Green has 3 hero kills while TDM still only has 1. 11 minutes in and Stay Green takes down their first tower. A minute later Stay Green takes another tower. TDM has 9 towers remaining while Stay Green has 10.

15 minutes in and the kill score is still 1 for TDM and 3 for Stay Green. 18 minutes in Stay Green Stomps TDM showing that they are a force to be reckoned with, taking out some of TDM and stomping out anything and anyone in their way. Stay Green now have 7 hero kills while TDM still only has 1. Stay Green has 8 towers left while TDM have 6 at the 21 minute mark.

Stay Green goes back in and ends up doing major damage on TDM’s base. 23 minutes in Stay Green has 7 towers left and TDM 4. TDM tries to go in but is pushed back in no time. 25 minutes into round two TDM now has 3 towers remaining and Stay Green still has 7. Stay Green wins round 2! Another victiroy liek that is all that’s holding them away from a Championship title and a boat load of cash!


Round 3

4 minutes into the third round TDM and Stay Green both get 1 kill each. Stay Green also lost one tower. Stay green gets another kill towards the 6 minute mark. ZFreek has 1 kill and Swindlemelonzz has 2 for Stay Green. Mynuts is the has the only kill for TDM. 11 minutes into the match Stay Green goes in and takes out four of TDM’s towers.

12 minutes in Stay Green has 5 hero kills and 10 towers remaining. TDM has 2 hero kills with only 8 towers remaining. When Stay Green goes in for an attack on the base almost every time they end up doing a huge dent.

It’s always a huge risk to allow Stay Green to get anywhere near your base. 16 minutes in Stay Green has 9 towers remaining while TDM still has 8.

Stay Green rushes the base after clearing some of TDM out of the way and start their attack which ends up destroying another tower. Stay Green now has 9 kills, 9 towers and TDM 2 kills, 7 towers at the 19 minute mark. TMD takes out another one of Stay Greens towers.

20 minutes in Stay Green rushes TMD’s base once more taking out one tower in the process. 22 minutes in Stay Green is up with 11 hero kills and 8 towers while TMD is down with 2 hero kills and 5 towers.

Things look grim for TMD. 24 mins in Stay Green tries to break through TMD’s base and just steamrolls everything in their path getting them the victory in 25 minutes.


End Result

Stay Green comes in 1st and are the the champions for this tournament, TMD finished in 2nd followed by Complexity in third and Lions in forth. Cheesie was voted MVP. Congratulations to the teams and the S2 staff for hosting such an amazing event. We say goodbye S2, and goodbye Las Vegas.


Stay Green completely steamrolled the competition at his years Heroes of Newerth championship  Will anyone be able to stop their snowballing victory streak? There’s many more tournaments and many more chances for rival teams to have their way with the title-wielding Stay Greens – but will any truly knock them from their pedestal?


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