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Ride To Hell Coming This Summer

Deep Silver keeps releasing adrenaline fueled announcement after announcement and today is no different with the official unveiling of the Ride To Hell series of titles releasing this summer.

Ride To Hell: Retribution has players take the role of Jake Conway a Vietnam veteran who is on a brutal path to revenge against The Devil’s Hand biker gang. The sandbox title is set in the 1960’s, the CGI trailer gives it a nice grindhouse feel but not quite sure where the final product will land. The original conception of Ride To Hell came about in 2009 and looked interesting enough but the extra time and care taken to shape the title has led to more detailed world if you compare with the original alpha footage.  Check out the trailer below with some screens further down.

Additionally there are two companion titles to Retribution. Ride To Hell: Route 666 which takes players on an adventure down Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles with face paced arcade style combat where players will command their gang as they take over the most iconic Route in America on PC (Steam), Playstation Network and Xbox Live Arcade in June 2013.

-Screens are for Ride To Hell: Retribution –

For those mobile gamers Ride To Hell: Beatdown is called a “rock’n’roll brawler” but more details will soon be announced.

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