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Spartacus: Legends Features Trailer Sheds Blood

It’s been a while since we’ve heard any news about Ubisoft upcoming title Spartacus: Legends. Well, the free to play fighting game is set to release next month and they have released a features trailer.

Features of the game range from being able to pick and preen your gladiator from his time as a slave to his battles in arenas as a gladiator. Each fighter will have a distinct play style and fighting style. You take the coin you earn and outfit your gladiator with weapons as you earn more fame and coin you can fight in more prestigious arenas. Purchasing better weapons and armor increase their threat rating which allows them to fight more challenging enemies for even more money.  The lengthy video then goes on to talk about perks, the importance of getting the crowd on your fighters side and more. The game looks interesting but also leaves room for a lot of micro-transactions. If the gameplay is good enough on consoles people might actually do it. Check out the trailer below and some screens.

Spartacus: Legends is set for release on Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network in May.

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