Watch Dogs release editions announced

Along with a fancy new trailer and release date, Watch Dogs has also had its release editions detailed and boy are they tasty. There are 4 special editions in total, the Special Edition, the Uplay Exclusive Edition, the Dedsec Edition and the Vigilante Edition.

Starting off with the Special Edition, you’ll get a bonus single player mission, titled the ‘Breakthrough Pack’ which gives you the expert driving perk.



The next edition to look at is the Uplay Exclusive Edition. This will get you a shiny steelbook to keep the game in, 3 bonus single player missions, the Breakthrough Pack from the special edition, plus ‘Signature Shot’ which gives you the ‘Black Viceroys Gang Colours Outfit’ and the ‘Biometric Assault Rifle’, and then you also get the Palace Pack which includes the rewards ‘Investigation Bonus’ and ‘ATM Hack Boost’.



Now then, this is where things get really interesting. The next edition is titled the Vigilante Edition and if you’re a fan of merchandise in your collectors editions then you’ll want to pay attention now.  In the Vigilante Edition you get the Palace Pack Single Player Mission as before, a Watch Dogs Official Soundtrack CD and the actual Cap and Mask that Aiden Pierce wears in the game then to top it off, a collectors box to keep it all in.



Finally we have the big one. The Dedsec Edition is the one for the ultimate collector. This one contains all 3 previously announced bonus single player missions, an artbook of the game, the official soundtrack, a steelbook to keep the game in 3 exclusive badges, a map of Chicago and last but not least, a 23cm high figurine of Aiden Pierce, and finally, a lovely looking collectors box for it all to arrive in.


Pricing hasn’t yet been announced but one thing is for sure, that Dedsec Edition will be pricy. Watch Dogs will be available on Ps3, Xbox 360, PC and Wii U November 22nd as well as eventually next-gen consoles.

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