Deadpool Hands-On Preview

Deadpool is a very unique character and during the years fans have fallen in love with him do to his split personality and crazy antics. By now a lot of people know the new Deadpool but some still don’t understand just how bizarre this character really is. Have no fear because the opening cutscene will get you acquainted really fast as the game starts off having Deadpool tell Nolan North to F@$% off and also allows you to explore Deadpool’s apartment entirety doing crazy things such as blowing up a blow up doll.

The plot for the game is that Deadpool wants to be in his own video game. After his wish is granted he starts his journey completely ignoring the script and doing/changing anything he wants. The time I spent with the game had a certain goal for the story but during the entire time so many random things happen that just fits the crazy nature of the character. During my time there were parts where Deadpool would break the forth wall and talk to the player knowing that he is in a video game. Such parts happen when you are prompted to press a button to hit someone and if you don’t and just sit there Deadpool will look at the screen and tell you to hit the button already or get annoyed and will keep addressing you until you pressed the button.

The Deadpool game also doesn’t try to do anything new in terms of the action genre. This isn’t really a bad thing and really allows them to focus on what has already been done and just make it better. The combat includes the normal light and heavy attacks along with gunplay that is easily switched between. Deadpool will have three different melee weapons to choose from which are his trademark dual swords, sai which is the short ranged but fast weapons and dual hammers which are the slow but strong weapons. He also has his dual pistols, machine guns, shotguns, and grenades, bear traps, etc. All of these can be leveled up using cash that you get from killing your enemies to increase damage, ammo, etc. You can also increase Deadpools stats such as health. As you go through the level and take damage you can also see it on Deadpool as his clothes get ripped and chunks get blow out of his body. As he recovers you can see his body heal much like in the Wolverine: Origins game. That impressed me and I am glad to see that feature again in another title.

There was also some stealth parts were you can sneak around and kill people in really crazy ways. Each weapon has a different stealth take-down which in turn, offers a pretty wide variety. I couldn’t help but laugh during most of my time with this game as it just had random moments that really set this game apart from most. There was this one scene where Deadpool thinks that he sees a hot babe with huge boobies and runs up to her and motorboat only to realize as he is motorboating what turns out to be Cable. After he comes to his senses you then have a choice to make and we chose to squeeze his  chest which lead us to getting punched in the face.

This game really surprised me with how good it really was. The combat didn’t blow my mind but it was still fun and just how well they captured the Deadpool character is a feat in itself. This game is definitely meant for the older audience and I think longtime fans will be happy with this game from what I have seen of it. Everyone should keep their eyes on this title.

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    very cool review, I was already looking forward to the game, this def filled in the cracks.