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Are you on a budget? Stuck with little time meaning you can’t endure a long session of a full retail game?  If so, God Mode may be able to quench your thirst for carnage. God Mode is a co-op horde-type shooter that shouldn’t take a big chunk out of your wallet, but the question always seems to be if the player will get a good return on their investment.

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While God Mode does have a loose story, in that you are a fallen god trying to regain former glory. Honestly though, it’s all just about getting three other players together and shooting everything that moves – while gathering pickups that keep you alive and supplied with ammo. When you start a match, each player votes on one of five maps – that are broken into multiple checkpoints. While five maps may seem a little sparse, the longevity of levels comes via modifiers known as ‘Tests of Faith’. These tests range from small enemies that do very little damage, to leeching health and even random weapon changes.

You move through levels section by section, killing a boss at the end of the final section before descending into a bonus room. The bonus room, which is always my favorite part, is where you can extract a little revenge on your fellow players – especially the one who kept stealing the ammo refills – by killing them as they make a dash for the gold drops.

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Another mechanic that’s intended to add replay value to God Mode are the upgrades you can purchase after games. Both your character’s appearance and weapons can be upgraded and, although the cosmetic upgrades do nothing for the performance of your avatar, there are some really visceral weapons that can be attained by leveling and earning gold. While these unlocks are certainly nice, visual modifications feel far too sparse, with some being old ones with an added hat. This is one feature of God Mode that reminds you that it’s a budget title.

Graphically, God Mode does a fine job with the minimal amount of levels in the game. Every stage looks beautiful, even when filled with enemies, and never seems to chug along like some may expect a budget title to. Sound, on the other hand, is right on par with a low price-point title with repetitive grunts and groans. Nothing about the sound is worth really more than two sentences. God Mode has a pick up and play control scheme, which is a plus, because who wants to spend more time learning to play a mindless shooter than it takes to download it.

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Audio/Visual: –  3/5: Looks nice, but it’s a little disappointing that the sound doesn’t match.

Gameplay:  –  3/5:  Simply put: a mindless shoter. Nothing more, nothing less.

Innovation:  –  1/5:   Really nothing to see here folks, move along.

Value:  –  2/5: You get what you pay for.

-Garrett Reviewed God Mode on Xbox 360-

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Reviewer: Garrett B
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While God Mode is a fun "kill everything" shooter, there are so many other games in the same genre that it is nothing more than a "try before you buy title". Anyone taking the dive into God Mode should follow the old adage of you get what you pay for.

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