Weekly Indie Feeling – Faster Than Light

In this new weekly feature, I’ll be taking the plunge into the fantastically huge catalogue of indie titles Steam has to offer and recommending titles to you lovely folk!


You may find some to be a tad obscure, but not to worry, that’s not me trying to be as hipster as possible; that’s just me trying to shed some light on to the lesser known games! I don’t want to make these segments into reviews; they’ll be short summary pieces about why I find these games to be note-worthy – what makes them the cream that rises to the top!

I’ve always loved indie games, and for me Steam is the ultimate indie platform. There are hundreds of titles that are sure to suit whatever mood you may be in. And the vast majority of them will have you parting with less than ten of your finest English pounds!


FTL-Faster-Than-Light-review-6-e1349790095187I think one of the best parts about indie games is that they’re not taxing on your PC so you don’t need a high-spec behemoth to run them, which for me, is perfect due to my little rig getting a bit old now bless it.

So, it’s the first week and first game so let’s get stuck in shall we? I’ve decided to go with a title called Faster Than Light. This rather unique little strategy title has proven to many that that games are not all as easy as people assume.


Basically, think of FTL as the Football Manager of spaceships. You – the player – are the ‘manager’ of your own cruising spaceship; A ship you must navigate through each section, kit out with new guns and populate with more nervous deck crew as you go along through the endless reaches of the pixelated cosmos.

Setting you back a reasonable £6.99, Faster Than Light offers a lot of bang for your earthy buck. The further you get in the game, the more scrap currency you’ll earn brining new unlocks well into your budget.



faster-than-light-review-2-56526138635493640648090640945491While there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot to do when you start out, the real fun is the careful planning and execution of every little move and choice that you do. Nothing should be overlooked and no choice should be made lightly. The fine line between your crew surviving the expedition weighs heavily on your shoulders – and any move chosen badly could end you up in a spot of bother.

The strategic elements here are surprisingly deep. Careful planning, control and execution of your ship’s weaponry is needed to make contact with specific areas of an enemy fleet – and those commands are played out through the interior view of each of the ships offensive and defences sections. The slightest mistake when in an asteroid cluster can mean certain death for you and your crew.



£6.99 gets you a lot of play-time in Faster Than Light and can really provide a great little strategic time waster when looking for the motivation to do anything a little more productive. Each play-through will be different so you’ll never find yourself playing over the same scenario. It’s a refreshingly different game and for all you Mac-heads out there, it’s Steam Play so you can play it on both PC and Mac!


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