Joe Danger has launched on Steam

Hello games announced yesterday that their hugely popular titles Joe Danger and Joe Danger 2: The Movie are now available on Steam.

The games are available at £9.99 individually. Or the bundle (titled The Joe Danger Bundle) is £16.99. For the first week on sale though, they’re offering 20% off each title, and 40% off the bundle.

The bundle also contains some special content in the way of Minecraft skins and Team Fortress 2 characters, which is also a part of Joe Danger 2.

In the bundle, you’ll also get an eBook all about the Joe Danger story so far. Into it are the teams personal stories about the ups and downs of being a tiny indie studio which could be an incredibly interesting read!

Also in the bundle is the Joe Danger soundtrack, and a bunch of different wallpapers and digital accessories for your computer so it could be worth getting!


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