Send Pokemon Gen V Off With Exclusive Shinies!

UK retailer – GAME – have announced through their various Facebook pages that 3 separate Pokémon will become available to download from participating stores leading up to the October launch of Pokémon X and Pokémon Y.

Sending off the Generation V games – Pokémon Black & White and their sequels – GAME will begin to distribute a shiny (alternate colour) version of the legendary Pokémon Dialga between  August 30th to September 12th, a shiny Palkia between September 13th to September 26th and finally ringing in the new generation with a shiny Giratina between September 27th to October 12th – the launch day of Pokémon X & Y.

It’s currently unknown whether the events will take place in other regions or whether these special Pokémon will come equip with any unusual moves. It seems we’ll have to wait and see on the day.

UPDATE  – US/Canada retailer GameStop have today announced plans to run the very same distribution event starting August 19th.


Shiny_00 Shiny_02 Shiny_01

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