CoroCoro Scans Hint ‘Mega Evolution’ Pokemon

The latest scans of CoroCoro have been dished out by and they seem to hint at some very interesting news.

The images coinciding with Serebii’s unfinished translation explains how the classic mechanic of Pokémon evolution may be getting a new tweak – the ‘Mega Evolution’.

With Mewtwo’s already announced ‘Awakened’ forme being featured on the same pages as the new ‘Mega’ evolved classics like Blaziken, Ampheros and Absol, it serves as pretty concrete evidence to say Mewtwo’s fresh transformation isn’t the only one we’re likely to see when Pokémon X and Y versions land in just two months time.

Of course, until CoroCoro is officially available, nothing in confirmed… but it pretty much is.

What classic Pokémon would you most like to see get an overhaul?


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