Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches Review

Dishonored was one of 2012’s shining new IPs that came from a relatively unknown studio but a publisher with a lot of clout in the realm of first-person titles. So, to have them back such a project turned a few heads. Soon it was clear why, it was an instant hit with amazing and atmospheric environments and a dark story. Although, there was one negative that everyone agreed upon: it had to end. So it piqued a lot of interest when the story-based DLC The Knife of Dunwall was announced and now The Brigmore Witches has come along.

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Taking place literally moments after The Knife of Dunwall, and continuing the story of Daud, the leader of the assassin group known as the Whalers, as he gathers his men and sets out a plan to take on Delilah and her witches. It’s yet another chance to experience the other side of the coin as the Corvo’s story is playing out – which is part of the beauty of Dishonored. If you’ve completed previous DLC you’re given the option to continue your save, including all powers and upgrades – as well as the associated chaos level – or you can start anew.

You get new powers this time around, including Pull that, as it suggests, allows Daud to pull inanimate objects towards him. There’s also a new weapon in the form of a stun mine that stuns a target instead of incinerating them. You can also purchase Favors, just like previous DLC, prior to each level to gain an advantage on the field of battle; which is particularly helpful, especially if you’re going for that low chaos rating. There are also new enemies in the form of the witches themselves as well as hounds, which can be pain if you don’t figure out how to kill them.

There’s also two brand new areas that I won’t go into too much detail about for fear of spoiling them, but the love and care that made every level of Dishonored feel alive is still here. There’s plenty of detail, a living world with ever changing guard patrol patterns, and plenty of collectibles in the form of Runes and bone charms. Side-missions are still apparent, but seem to be few and far between as Daud is more focused on getting rid of these Witches, and rightfully so. Brigmore Witches will last those who like to experience everything around four hours, maybe more depending.

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The Brigmore Witches DLC offers quality content that you’ve come to expect from Dishonored and Arkane Studios. It never tries to shy away from the atmosphere that it’s already created for itself but adds to that, expanding the city of Dunwall and deepening the lore behind it all. Given that this is the final DLC for Dishonored, it’s a great send-off and one worthy of your cash if you’re fan of the city of Dunwall.

Audio/Visual – 5/5: New environments and familiar sounds.

Gameplay – 4/5: Just as good as always and full of fun moments throughout.

Innovation – 4/5: Arkane Studios manages to come up with unique enemies and environments for the city of Dunwall and I’m captivated every time.

Value -5/5: Encouraging replay value, these three lengthy missions are nothing to scoff at.

-Anthony Reviewed Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches DLC on Playstation 3-

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The Brigmore Witches DLC offers quality content that you've come to expect from the Dishonored series and Arkane Studios itself.

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