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Blue Estate Leaps From Comic To Game With Motion

The Leap Motion controller may be the lesser known of the devices ushering in the great VR-era of video games, but that doesn’t mean it’s dead weight — not at all. The Leap Motion controller stands as one of the cheapest devices we can expect to tie in well together with the eventual launch of the Oculus Rift and the Virtuix Omni — but it’s also the one more prone to quick rival tackles from the Razer Hydra, STEM and even Kinect 2.0.

Despite the risks, Leap Motion is about to get an ambitious new addition to its exclusive web store in the form of Blue Estate — an on-rails shooter that strikes up the thought of House of the Dead: Overkill meets Red Steel.

As the video below quickly explains, Blue Estate — based on the comic book series of the same name — is a dark comedic shooter in the style of Tarantino’s films known for the sensitive topics and overboard violence — and this title looks to pull of the man’s best movie traits into a motion driven gangster shmup.

An exclusive Blue Estate demo — further acting as a prequel to the final game — will hit the Leap Motion store in the very near future. You can expect both versions to  fully utilize the hand-driven Leap Motion controller to fulfil your fantasy of tackling a gangster mob with your just your fist turned to a 90-degree angle.

You can read up on the Leap Motion device here. We aim to have a review of the unit — along with this game — in the near future.

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