FFXIV: A Realm Reborn Character Breakdown

Final Fantasy XIV‘s successful rebirth to ‘A Realm Reborn‘ released just a week ago. If you didn’t spend the weeks prior to the release toying around with the ‘Character Creator‘ standalone download, you’re likely to be lost in the process when it comes to finally playing the game.

With each of the game’s race races — and their chose of two origins — packing slightly varying stat variation, you’re often left with the choice of having a slightly easier time during the early levelling of a specific class, or just enjoying the game as your favourite cat-girl Miqo’te or tiny adventurous Lalafell. Hopefully this breakdown will steer you in the right direction!


Hyur first traveled to Eorzea from its surrounding continents and islands. Hyur is also one of the most populated civilized races in all of Eorzea. Like all the other races, Hyur is split up into two clans, Midlanders and Highlanders.

Midlanders- Over half of the Hyur population on Eorzea consists of the Midlander clan. They live their lives as diversed as their heritage and have established themselves throughout every major city. Midlanders could also be considered one of the more educated races and clans do to their ability to read at a very young age. There isn’t really any significant differences between the two genders besides the males having a slight height advantage over the females.

Starting Stats:

  • STR 21/ DEX19/ VIT 20/ INT 21/ MND 18/ PIE 21


The Midlander Hyur’s stats are so well-balanced across the board, it doesn’t really matter which class you opt to chose for them; though the healing spells of the Conjurer or Arcanist will be the slightly weaker cog.

Highlanders- Out of all the Hyur, the Highlanders were the first to step foot in the land of Eorzea. The name Highlander comes from their long tradition of building strongholds in the mountains. The Highlanders are noticeably larger in build compared to their Midland counterpart. Highlanders are becoming increasingly rare in Eorzea after the fall of Ala Mhigo. The few that you’ll see will most likely be working in the desert city-state of Ul’dah, they will most likely be working as sellswords and mercenaries.

Starting Stats:

  • STR 23/ DEX 20/ VIT 22/ INT 18/ MND 20/ PIE 17

The Highlander Hyur’s exceptional STR and VIT stats stand above the rest as a great choice for those looking to take up bladed weapons as a Gladiator or Marauder.


Long ago Elezen were the sole inhabitants of Eorzea. Elezen people are tall and slender and believed the land of Eorzea to be theirs by divine right. Because of this unfortunate belief, a long history of conflict occurred between them and the Hyur.

Wildwood- For hundreds of years, the Wildwood clan have lived in peace throughout the forests of Eorzea. This started to change however when Eorzea’s governments started to form. Intrigued by this, many of the Wildwood decided to venture forth out of their beloved forests . They became drawn to the exhilarating cosmopolitanism of Gridania.

The Wildwood Elezen are referred to as green, for their love of the forests. Males are generally considered to be milder and more chivalrous in demeanor over the Wildwood females.

Starting Stats:

  • STR 19/ DEX 23/ VIT 18/ INT 22/ MND17/ PIE 21

The Wildwood’s lacking vitality, yet stand-out, DEX and INT traits push the typing more toward the Archer, Thaumaturge, or Arcanist ranged classes. 

Duskwight-After the Elezen went its separate ways, a number of them sought to live out their life in peace and seclusion. The Duskwight was able to find  in the depths of Eorzea’s caves and caverns. Today they are known to many as Duskwight, but to their Wildwood counterparts they are known simply as Greys, for their preference for darkness and stone.

Some Duskwight have even turned to robbery and pillaging in order to survive on their own. This however, only earned them scorn from their Wodland relatives. The women are known to be more passionate and unyielding compared to the males.

Starting Stats:

  • STR 20/ DEX 20/ VIT 19/ INT 23/ MND 20/ PIE 18

Duskwight Elezen’s sacrifice the higher potency of the Archer for a steady shot at the destructive magicks of the Thaumaturge or Arcanist with a slight boost to survivability.


Lalafell are cut tiny people that sport rotund bodies, to many the Lalafell resemble children. Many of the Lalafell came from the islands of the South Seas, there, they would practice simple agricultural lifestyles. The opening of the maritime trade routes is what eventually lead  to the gradual migration of the Lalafell into Eorzea’s land. Lalafell is now considered one of the most well-established races in all the realm, Lalafell’s are also known for getting along extremely well with members of all races and clans.

Plainsfolk- This clan gets its name from the flat landscapes of their home islands. Their distinct coloration is what helps them to blend in to their surrounding environment, which acts extremely well as an effective camouflage against their attackers. Grassy fields, similar to those found in La Nascea are what drew the first settlers to the island of Vylbrand and what is now known as Limsa Lominsa. They are as opportunistic as they are clever and very crafty with their words.

Starting Stats:

  • STR 18/ DEX 22/ VIT 18/ INT 21/ MND 20/ PIE 21

The forest-dwelling Plainsfolk Lalafells can utilize their blend of high Piety (PIE) and DEX skills to increase their apptitude toward the Archer or melee-focused Pugulist classes with a boost to their resource pool or ability to grab high-quality items through Fishing, Alchemy or the Culinary arts.

Dunesfolk- The most unique characteristic of the Dunesfolk people are their luminous eyes. Due to their homelands glaring sunlight, the Dunesfold have a protective glossy layer that covers the pupil. Many of them will normally be found waring a small, traditional gemstone on their forehead. This gemstone is a symbol of their zodiacal sign. They are also known for placing their advancement of knowledge above anything else, which even means putting events going on in the rest of the realm behind it. The males care more for books, business, and the prosperity of Ul’dah.

Starting Stats:

  • STR 17/ DEX20/ VIT 17/ INT 21/ MND 22/ PIE23

Dunesfolk Lalafell tend to edge toward casting magicks both as a Thaumaturge or Conjurer. The balanced INT and MND allows for the hybrid qualities of even the Arcanist to play a favourable part.


During the Age of Endless Frost is when the ancestors of the Miqo’te first made their way to Eorzea. The Miqo’te have adapted to the hunting lifestyle and gave them a keen sense of smell, powerful legs and a tail which greatly increases their balance. The males in particular tend to be very territorial, which leads to solitary lifestyles.

Seeker of the Sun- Seekers of the Sun prefer to be out in the sun rather than the dark due to the feeling they get from the warm light of day. This also reflects on all the aspects of their culture, as is Azeyma the Warden, Keeper of the Sun and the goddess in inquiry. Their striking eyes are what they are most known for- the result of them having vertically aligned pupils and faintly colored irises. Some of them are also known to have disparately colored eyes which is a trait considered auspicious amongst their kind. Seeker tribes can largely be found appearing near Limsa Lominsa and the Sagolii Desert.

Starting Stats:

  • STR 21/ DEX22/ VIT 20/ INT 18/ MND 19/ PIE 20

Seekers of the Sun are mostly balanced in the arts — while offensive caster types won’t see the same damage output at the DEX-wielding Archer class.

Keepers of the Moon- The Keepers of the Moon clan are the nocturnal people among the Miqo’te. Most of them can be found offering their piety to Menhina, the lover, goddess of the Moon. They have long tails, darker fur, larger ears, rounder eyes and are more pronounced canines-all of these traits are what distinguishes them from their diurnal cousins. The ritual application of face paint is common and believed the vivid colors will grant them lunar powers. Having the conflict for many years with the people of Gridania, The Keepers of the Moon finally made peace with some and even chose to live there.

Starting Stats:

  • STR18/ DEX 21/ VIT 17/ INT 19/ MND 23/ PIE 22

Lalafell born under the Keepers of the Moon tend to lean towards the healing arts of the Conjurer or Arcanist.


The Roegadyn are most know for their massive badies and piercing eyes, they are the largest and most rugged of all the other races found in Eorzea. A majority of them found in the realm belong to the Sea Wolf clan. They earn their keep on or by the sea whether it be as a sailor, fishermen or even pirates. The few found in Hellsguard are known for their more earnest demeanour and are most commonly found working as smithies or bodyguards.

Sea Wolvess- Long ago, the Sea Wolves were known for their brutality. No ship or coastal village was safe from the fury the Sea Wolves unleashed. The mere mention of the clan would strike fear to those whose ears it met, mostly those who drew their livelihood from the sea. The Sea Wolves originally came from the islands on the far North Sea. Piracy diminished once the large scale deployment of Limsa Lominsa’s armada. Now you can find the employed as either sailors of naval mercenaries on all types of vessels. They have never forgotten the ways of their homeland or forefathers and still to this day use the ancient Roegadyn language in their names.

Starting Stats:

  • STR 22/ DEX 18/ VIT 23/ INT 17/ MND 21/ PIE 19  

The high STR and VIT stats of the Sea Wolves match their size giving them the edge in the melee classes — though their low DEX will hinder their ability to defend themselves through blocks.

Hellsguard- The Hellsguard inhabit the volcanic regions which grant them with a body and mind tempered by the unforgiving heat. They believe that the mountains flame is a gateway to hell and for centuries their line have stood guard to prevent any damned souls from crossing back into the realm of the living. Due to their harsh environments, the second- and third-born are often sent away from their mountain villages, making their way to the great cities all around Eorzea. Once there their sheer girth and steely demeanour place them very high in demand as sellswords and soldiers, allowing even the young to surpass the elder siblings.

Starting Stats:

  • STR 20/ DEX 17/ VIT 21/ INT 20/ MND 22/ PIE 20

The all-round typing of the Hellsguard proves useful in just about any situation — but their low DEX will put a hindrance on Archers and those looking to stand behind a bulwark.
While racial stats may seem like a good basis to choose a character race, it’s generally put in place to make early levelling of a specific class/race combo just a little bit easier on newer players.

The advancements in equipment toward the higher levels will quickly dampen those initial choices; and, if you’re even remotely experienced with just about any MMO, you’ll likely use movement and tactics to make that early levelling scenario a walk in the park regardless of the minor stat differences between your Dunesfolk Lalafell and your friend’s Plainsfolk character. Don’t let the minor differences deter you from pouring dozens of hours into a character you don’t enjoy playing.


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