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Rise Of Venice Available Now

The launch trailer above is for none other than Rise Of Venice from Kalypso Media the guys who brought us Tropico 4 and Omerta: City Of Gangsters. Dubbed as a merchant and political simulation the title will take you through Renaissance-era Venice as you sail the seas and create an empire. Check out the features below.

- Experience a compelling story full of intrigue and treason in Venice at the time of the Renaissance
– Trade a variety of goods in the most important cities of the time such as Rome, Alexandria, Constantinople or Athens.
– With your own family tree you can interact with your family members, send them on missions and watch how the power of your family grows over time.
– Meet other important families who are pulling the strings in Venice’s government and influence political decisions yourself.
– Build your own production facilities and trading fleets- Take fate into your own hands and test your skills in furious sea battles
– Multiplayer mode for up to 4 players via LAN and Internet

Rise Of Venice is available now on PC for $39.99

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