We’re looking for a Community Manager

Hello, we are currently looking for a Community Manager to join the team. I have put the job role description down below, please note that all positions at TGH are on a voluntary basis.

The Community Manager is responsible for interacting with the community focused around the website and social networks we use. Our aim for the community manager is to keep our community in-touch with us in a friendly and fun way.

Using and understanding games, gamers and online communities, the Community Manager Processes feedback, and keeps the website readers in-touch with the website.

They will need to work well in a team environment and have experience in managing competitions, use of social networks and Youtube – as well as an understanding in CMS like WordPress.

Key contributing Area’s:

  • Community interaction
  • Manage relationships with TGH readers via the website and its social network channels.
  • Run gaming meet-up events in-game/livestreams, and attend gaming events on behalf of the website.
  • Encourage community members to leave comments and feedback, assist in their creation as necessary and appropriate.
  • Report back to Editors about what the community like and don’t like. Inform the team in what we should be working on to increase community interaction.
  • Help scheduling participation in community chats, events, and interviews
  • Devise new methods of writer interaction with community (eg blogs, podcasts)
  • Create and execute competitions, promotions and drive activity within the community
  • Devise competitions, promotions and creative events and activity, research terms and conditions, and write required content for promotions
  • Source prizes, communicate with prize winners and ensure prize delivery

Video production skills would be a bonus.

  • Establish and maintain regular communications with TGH staff



Please contact us:

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