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Ambitious New MMO, InSomnia, Looks to Change the Genre

Coming straight from the minds of a brand new indie studio known as MONO is an ambitious, realtime tactical online RPG known as InSomnia.

Set to arrive on PC in late 2014, InSomnia is set in a dystopian retro-futuristic  diesel-punk universe. I’m fully aware that that sounded very much like a bunch of marketing speak thrust in your face, but bare with us.

Taking place on board a half-deserted space station that’s 400 years into its slow journey towards an unknown planet known only as the ‘Evacuation Point’, it’s inhabited by decedents of the Normans. No, that’s not the same Normans that invaded Britain all those years ago, these unrelated folks escaped from the clutches of their now tarnished planet.

So, how does it shape up as an MMO?

Well, currently we don’t know, but it’s been a passion project for the folks at MONO who wish do deliver an alternative MMO that’s complex, multi-layered and takes place in a real-time world – as opposed to the “big-budget, creatively superficial MMO’s” on the market.

You can take a peek at the early preview trailer below, along with some pieces of concept art to whet your appetite.


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