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The Room Two Preview

The Room, you may have heard of it, you may have not. All you need to know (besides the fact that I’m not talking about the Tommy Wisesau film) is that this was one fantastic puzzle game for Android and iOS, and now it has a sequel: The Room Two.


This is from the original The Room, but imagine this but prettier and with more tables.

Set after the events of The Room and it’s free expansion, The Room Two returns to offer up a twist on its incredibly pleasing point and click puzzling. While the original confined you to just one room with a box that never seemed to stop unfurling, The Room Two sees you exploring multiple tables and contraptions in various locations. There are some constants though.

You’ll still be poking, sliding, opening and turning a whole manner of locks and boxes to discover trinkets; you’ll also still need the mysterious magical eyeglass that was used in The Room to identify secrets and the more mysterious parts of the story. It’s also still a very story-driven game, one that seems a whole lot darker than the original entry – and that was already on the dark side of things.

At this year’s Eurogamer Expo, I got a chance to go hands on and experience two of the multiple rooms that are present in The Room Two. First I found myself in an eerie crypt with two tables and an incredibly creepy statue – although I didn’t see that until later. Here the classic formula of reading a piece of paper, discovering the eyeglass and working your way through intricate puzzles returned. Indeed, it felt almost exactly like playing The Room, but thanks to the extra table the puzzles feel somewhat harder – even though they probably aren’t.


Same goes for this one.

The second room I was tasked with exploring was in a temple. It was completely unexplained as to why I was there, or why I needed to rebuild a crossbow to fire an arrow into a painting to unlock a mirror that somehow unlocked a door. Or something along those lines. It doesn’t really matter though, as I’m sure it’ll all make sense in the final version when the story unfurls properly.

The one thing that’s instantly noticeable about The Room Two is the darker atmosphere surrounding it all. The Room may have been rather macabre at times with its mysterious storyline and ultimate end, but The Room Two not only alludes to having a similarly dark adventure, it also looks and seems far more menacing to play. Rooms are gloomier, the puzzles just that little bit more sinister – which is an odd way to explain a puzzle, I know – and in the process it’s remained immensely fun.

You’ll also be pleased to know that it looks as utterly fantastic as it always has, if not better. So, if you’ve not had the pleasure of playing The Room or its free epilogue DLC, then you should go and grab that right now and wait eagerly for Fireproof Games to drop the next delicious slice with The Room Two.

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