Take On Mars lands new Deimos content + Trailer

Exploration_dev_2013-05-17_08-50-18-76Bohemia Interactive today released the highly anticipated Deimos content update for their popular game Take On Mars. Featuring two new locations and the Zero-G Probe vehicle, the content update also implements new features such as dynamic mission generation and a new weather system.

As you may have guessed by the name of the update, one of the new locations brings players to Deimos, one of Mars’ two known moons. Here, Rover operators can explore three massive craters – each with a diameter of about one kilometer. The second new location inserts players into deep space, on an asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars.

Martin Melicharek, Project Lead on Take On Mars, elaborates: “The new locations let you experience movement in a zero gravity environment, adding a new dimension to Take On Mars’ already vast aspect of robotic vehicle simulation. This also gives you the opportunity to witness an amazing ballet of asteroids in the Asteroid Belt location. Fellow space enthusiasts will also be excited to learn that the Martian weather systems are also newly present in the game, affecting your vehicles in a realistic manner. All in all, while the real Mars Curiosity keeps making discoveries, Take On Mars keeps pushing forward, improving accordingly with the great feedback we have been receiving from fellow players.”

Besides the two new locations, the Deimos content update also adds the Zero-G Probe: a remote vehicle designed for zero-gravity environments, which makes it better suited for Deimos’ gravitational pull of -0.0039m/s^2 than regular Rovers and Landers. Furthermore, the new ‘Dynamic Mission Generation’ feature dynamically creates photo, exploration and analysis tasks around the player’s location, whereas the new weather conditions now also include sandstorms and strong winds – providing great visual effects and additional gameplay depth.

Take On Mars is available for purchase at Steam (Early Access) and for the new price of £11.99

Check out the trailer below;

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