Spec Ops: The Line Story Co-Op Was Axed Early On

Yager’s psychological shooter could have gone a different way

While Spec Ops: The Line does now have a co-op mode thanks to 2K getting one sorted for shortly after launch, according to Jörg Friedrich, Design Director at Yager on Dead Island 2, the team actually stripped it out of the original game at a very early stage.

“With Spec Ops: The Line, um… I think the game’s shipped long enough to reveal that, we had a co-op mode in the very, very early stage of the game,” revealed Friedrich. “And we cut that at one point because we said that it wouldn’t work with the story and we decided that ‘no, this game is about a story and the plot and the story we want to tell’.”

So, it’s understandable that when Spec Ops: The Line actually got a co-op mode, it didn’t carry on through the main story of the game, and instead dealt with wave after wave of enemies instead.

Friedrich also went on to explain how Dead Island 2 will take a different stance to handling story and multiplayer. “Dead Island is about multiplayer. It’s about having fun with your buddies, so we do that right. We want to not shoehorn stuff in that doesn’t fit, but just doing things right.”

You can watch the full Dead Island 2 interview with Design Director Jörg Friedrich and Senior Producer Carsten Linder very soon, and our hands-on preview with the game will be up in a flash.

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