Bayonetta 2 and X Still Set for 2014 Release

Nintendo assures that big Wii U releases will still arrive this year

Highly anticipated Wii U titles Bayonetta 2 and Monolith Software’s ‘X’ have been quiet since their initial announcements, but according to CVG, during Nintendo’s financial results briefing for 2014, they’re still on the cards for 2014.

It appears that both games are set to hit Japan, North America and Europe before the year is out – which is quite the task seeing as we’ve heard little about them, especially Monolith’s new title.

An E3 update on both of these titles seems likely, but once again they’ve decided to host their own Nintendo Direct to showcase new games and announcements.

This Direct will take place on June 10th and share “further detail on the gaming experiences on the way for Nintendo platforms in 2014 and beyond”.

2 Comments to “ Bayonetta 2 and X Still Set for 2014 Release ”

  • ChrisMay 16, 2014 at 1:55 am

    I bet they regret that exclusive deal with Nintendo now. Not sure what they were thinking. Imagine what this game would do on one of Sony’s or Microsoft’s platforms.

    • NellMay 21, 2014 at 7:04 am

      Considering Monolith Soft is majority owned by Nintendo, there was no regret. If Nintendo says “make us an exclusive game,” they make them an exclusive game. That gives Monolith full creative freedom with less worries about sales, because they get paid regardless of how the game performs.