Charlie Brooker To Feature In Sniper Elite 3

If you’ve ever wanted to kill Charlie Brooker, Sniper Elite 3 is letting you do so.

Charlie Brooker Sniper Elite 3

The writer and Guardian Columnist Charlie Brooker, who wrote the documentary Videogames Changed the World and started his career as a reviewer for PC Zone, Praised Sniper Elite V2 in a review for the Guardian, and Rebellion asked him if he’d like to appear in the third game.

“We really appreciate Charlie championing a British-made game series” Rebellion creative director Jason Kingsley said, “we have promised to give him one of the first copies of the game in June so he can shoot his character with a sniper rifle to his heart’s content.”

It’s not known who Charlie Brooker’s character will be, but he has performed full motion capture and voice recording for the part.

If you want to kill him, and many others, then Sniper Elite 3 is released for the PC, PlayStations 3 and 4, and Xbox One and 360 on the 27th June this year.

Source: the Guardian

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