Disney Infinity DLC Will Be On-Disc

On-disc DLC has been a point of contention for the industry, with fans becoming angered at having to pay for something they – essentially – already own. Nobody knows this better than Capcom, who – after much fan backlash – opted out of the process of on-disc DLC with Resident Evil 6.

Now though, it seems that upcoming cash cow, Disney Infinity, will utilise the on-disc DLC model, and executive producer John Vignocchi would rather have it so nobody knew about it.

Speaking to, Vignocchi let it slip that on-disc DLC is a part of how Infinity  works, especially seeing as yearly iterations of the title will be released at retail and each one contains future or unannounced content pertaining to movie releases. As such, including DLC on-disc is a major risk for Disney, but it’s the only way to go about giving more casual players instant access to what they want.

“That’s something that we’ve made the film-makers aware of,” said Vignocchi to

“There’s absolute potential that people are going to see characters prior to their PR campaigns kicking off if someone does that, but we’re hoping that isn’t something that is widespread reported because then people are going to start looking for it, and it’s going to ruin the magic for the consumer.

“In the future, as we move on to new versions of consoles we’re going to be able to digitally deliver that content, and the figurines themselves will simply be dongles that allow us to then instantiate a download of that content.

“But given the current generation of consoles, the content needs to be on the disc. But in the future we’ll be able to push all that digitally so we don’t run into that problem.”

With Disney now owning Marvel and the Star Wars universe the fan base and attention around Disney Infinity is even larger than i would have been a couple of years ago. Naturally this means more people could well tear the game code open to see what’s going on inside the disc. Personally, we don’t think Vignocchi’s dream of people not knowing the DLC is on-disc is going to happen.

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