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Element Gaming Thorium 300 Keyboard Review

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Element Gaming Keyboard Thorium 300

How do you review a keyboard? I mean that. For years I’ve used a keyboard to play games with when I’m not reaching for the pad – nobody plays a strategy game using a game pad. But it’s always been a second thought to me. I mean, why would I think about the keys underneath my fingers, the way it looks, or just how responsive they are. It seems like something that didn’t really need to be addressed, but then I got my hands on Element Gaming’s new Thorium 300 keyboard.

The Thorium 300 isn’t a premium keyboard that’s going to set you back an absurd amount of money. No, this one is modestly priced and contains only a few bells and whistles, but it’s perfect for the gamer on a budget or those looking for something a little bit more substantial than their usual keyboard, but don’t fancy breaking the bank in the process. Available for £24.99, the Thorium 300 comes with features you’d definitely expect of a more costly keyboard.

Coming with full media playback controls, handy computer navigation buttons – can’t say no to just tapping a button to search, open the web, read emails etc. – and five programmable macro keys, it’s a godsend when playing games on your PC. There’s also a lovely LED back light to the whole thing that can be cycled through and pre-programmed so that your keyboard can pulse through 3 back light colours and five colour presets if you want the glowing ‘E’ logo to be a different colour to your back light.

As you can imagine, the back lit keys make it quite easy to see what you need to hit when in a bind – and you can’t remember your own keyboard layout. And being able to change it adds a pleasing air of customisation to the setup beyond assigning Macros. You can also increase or reduce key response time to suit your personal gaming preferences, and lock the Window’s key so you don’t accidentally ruin your game by hitting that pesky button.

I have to say, typing on it right now feels so nice compared to my previous chunky keyboard, and using it in game the key presses have just the right amount of resistance that after a while you just forget that you’ve got your hand on a keyboard at all.

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For those interested, it has a key travel of two millimetres  and key pressure of 50 grammes. It also weighs 925 grammes and features 120 keys. Fascinating stuff there.

In terms of appearance it’s quite a bit bigger than I initially expected, but it hardly dominates your desk space like some other gaming keyboards do. It’s certainly got the more edgier appearance, helped by the LED lighting, and the smooth matte finish makes it seem rather futuristic – it certainly wouldn’t look out of place next to your Alienware computer or angular Cyborg/MadCatz gaming mice.

However, I do have a couple of niggles with the Thorium 300. For one, it’s described as ergonomic, but due to the raised profile the wrist rest doesn’t sit flush – or near flush – with my desk, leaving my wrists either hovering above the keyboard or awkwardly angled up from my desk. Neither way is overly comfortable, but it’s hardly the be all, end all of the keyboard. Secondly, I’m not a fan of having the five macro keys along the left hand side. While it certainly makes sense to quick change with your little finger when you need to, they put me out of whack for touch typing as I occasionally hit them thinking they’re the Tab, Caps and Shift keys. Again, a small thing, but it’s just something else to adjust to.

All in all, for what is on the cheaper side of gaming keyboards, the Thorium 300 is definitely worth putting into your list of possible PC peripherals. You’d be hard pressed to get as many features and as comfortable a gaming experience for the same price elsewhere.

TheGamersHub Score
Reviewer: Vaughn.H
+ Pros

+ Great value for money

+ Feels wonderful to play with/type on

+ Very customisable

- Cons

- Not a fan of the wrist rest

- Feel that hotkeys could be better located

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