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Europa Universalis Expansion Art of War Reshapes the World

There are no paintbrushes in these battlefields

Paradox Interactive’s Europa Universalis series is generally known for it’s tactical joy and priding itself on historical accuracy. So, with the new Art of War expansion – which has shot into the top 10 spot on Steam since its release on the 30th October – Paradox has pushed itself to a whole new level of accuracy.

Art of War was inspired by the events of the Thirty Years War and brings in new military mechanics to help emphasise that. A new “Unrest” system lets revolters gradually build support for armed uprisings, and thanks to Local Autonomy statistics you can figure out the provinces that are more or less likely to revolt.

“Sun Tzu said that it is best to win without fighting at all, but if one must fight, preparation is the key to victory,” says Martin Anward, lead designer on Art of War. “With over nine-hundred new provinces, over a hundred new nations and the addition of major religious wars that ravage a continent, preparation will be essential in the Art of War if you hope to guide your nation through four centuries of expanded, enriched gameplay and emerge as one of the winners of history.”

In fact, the idea is to improve the way the rest of the world map looked, giving it the same level of detail that Europe has always had. This means that the Manchu, Inca and Aztec are no longer empires in 1444, West Africa has become more divided and India is denser and richer in both provinces and wealth.

Europa Universalis IV: The Art of War is out now on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux

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