Four In February – Week 1 Roundup

Last week kicked off with one major event in the calendar – February. Ok, maybe there are real events within the last few intertwined days of January within that week, but February stood out. It’s not important; hell, nobody really cares; but it did see the start of the “Four in February” mission in gaming to complete and clear four games from your backlog of virtual worlds. With Alice: Madness Returns first on my list, here’s how the first week of the challenge got on.


I could make this brief. I’ve managed around 4 hours of the damn game. It’s been on my list since the day they announced it following a personal fascination of the old classic tale. I hadn’t heard of the original before then, but the announcement made me backtrack to its predecessor and fall in love with just how dark a game based around such an already vivid and imaginative story could be. Alice certainly returned to a world just as mad as it was, but something seems amiss.

It should be said that the start of the challenge was actually spend clearing Ninja Theory’s take on Devil May Cry – of which was absolutely fantastic – and right now I’m really feeling the need to go back and play it again on the more challenging difficulties. I haven’t. It’s not on my list. The first game I cleared in February was not on my list. Great start, right?

Going back to Alice, I’ve actually streamed every second of the small amount of exposure I’ve had with the game as of yet. The first hour was split into many takes as I fiddled with – and promptly ditched – Origin’s TwitchTV streaming feature. Origin is still terrible, and I still hope everyone steers clear of that damnable piece of software despite how sleek its UI may be. The rest of my time is available “on-demand” as they would say through TGH’s Twitch network.

You won’t hear my awfully northern English voice over it; so please enjoy the sounds of Alice’s Britishness, the sound of her exploding, and the sound of a fat woman being punched over what I understood to be a pimp debt.


I’ll be hoping to have the game cleared by the time I write next week’s entry. I’ve gone into this with the plan to complete 2 JRPGs while having plans to attend the monthly furmeet in Manchester on Saturday and the Chinese New Year celebrations the following day with the need to finish my Link cosplay for the Telford MCM Expo for the following weekend. It’s a crazy schedule to be facing with this kind of race. Will I make it? Probably not! Does it really matter? Nope.

Here’s my progress;

  • Alice: Madness Returns – 5 hours (Chapter 2)
  • Alan Wake – 4 Hours (Praying on the Steam cloud)
  • The Last Remnant  – 1 Hour (It’s been 3 years)
  • Final Fantasy XIII-2 No Hours (Damn HDD swap lost me 8 hours)

Looking good, eh?! Same time next week, guys…

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