Four In February – Week 2 Roundup

It’s the second week of the ‘Four In February’ challenge! We’re two weeks in and that means I have only 2 weeks left to do what I – and around four others across the world – set out to accomplish across the shortest collection of days ever assembled in a single month – finish a measly four games.

Last week I told of how I completed a game that wasn’t on my list – DMC: Devil May Cry. At this point in time I’m beginning to realize more and more reasons why I should stop saying it wasn’t part of my list and just claim it as a +1 to the cause. I spoke of how I had managed only four hours of the game I originally set out to complete – Alice: Madness Returns – and how my second week was already fully booked with a furmeet, Chinese New Year, Die Hard, pure laziness and the continuation – and finalization – of my hopeless Link cosplay for the upcoming weekend. All of this really is pointless!

Fourteen days. In 14 days I haven’t completed a single game on my list. In 14 days I royally fail the challenge and lose everything but anything in my life. I already have a terrible track record of completed games these days, so failing to complete four that I should have finished months – or even years – back doesn’t really mean a whole lot to me. But still, I’ll come up with an excuse. Alice: Madness Returns is truly a bad game.

There. Done. The first game on my list has been dropped around eight hours in. I feel as if I’m close to it’s climactic ending – note my sarcasm – as the game has dragged on with a whole load of nothing for a while now. It’s bewildering how a game that has the perfect excuse to make no sense and completely avoid any laws of the real world can be so bland, boring and lifeless. The only thing it does manage is implanting even more long, outlandish words into my everyday vocabulary and conversation – a trait that’s usually picked up on and greeted with a swift “what?”.

The more I type this, the more I think I shouldn’t be typing at all. Essentially, the only thing I’ve managed this week is confirm my ill-will to actually complete the game I set out to finish. It’s too terrible. I’m moving onto Final Fantasy XIII-2 – a game I’ll have to sink more that 3x the hours I’ve managed in the last two weeks in order to clear.

I have a fairly empty calendar after Saturday; so maybe it’ll be possible. I really wouldn’t hold my breath over my own words, though. At this point, it’s safe to say I’d much rather be playing DmC or Devil May Cry 3 games from my list. So let’s do that! Next week, my aim is to complete Devil May Cry 3 – consider this a permanent change to the list while I throw in DmC to make myself feel better!

  • Alice: Madness Returns – scrapped
  • DmC: Devil May Cry – Completed
  • Devil May Cry III – Not Started
  • Final Fantasy XIII-2 – 1 Hour Played
  • Alan Wake – 3 Hours Played

Better luck next week!

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