Four In February – Week 3 Roundup

It’s the middle of Wednesday night/Thursday morning, I’m awake, I’m hot, I’m sleepy and I’m rather bored. Sony opened the floodgates of their new system – the PlayStation 4 – but a few hours ago and left me apologizing to my own rear for the onslaught of sitting it just… sat through. Alas! It’s the end of week 3 of the Four in February challenge, and not a lot has changed!

Lets recap, shall we? The ‘Four in February’ challenge has me starting the month with a real-life mission in mind. Nope, it’s not achieving world peace, getting rich from the export of quality meat or the sale of fragments from a certain space rock from a certain northern Eurasian country – it’s merely the initiative to complete 4 of my long-standing and incomplete games by the end of the month – and it’s not going well at all!

It’s not all bad, though. I did manage to squeeze in 2 hours of Final Fantasy XIII-2 – that’s a whole 20% of what I had already played before a HDD upgrade to my PlayStation 3 meant losing my save game months before. Fantastic progress! The good news is that it made me decide on my next cosplay – Yuj! For those not in the know from the past 2 weeks of my moaning, it should be noted that a lot of my time this month has been spent finalizing my fairly basic Link cosplay for the Telford MCM Expo here in sunny England. It went well. My sword got me into a little trouble, but a lot of people stopped me for photos and seemed overjoyed when I asked for them to unsheathe my Master Sword – I refuse to explain that any further.

In the second week I had ditched Alice: Madness Returns 5 or 6 hours into the apparent “adventure”. It was bad. Really bad. Instead, I opted to class the completion of DMC: Devil May Cry during the first few days as a legitimate victory to alleviate the first strike-through on my proposed checklist.

Replacing Alice’s trek through Blandland came Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening. This also lays on the verge of being culled after realizing both how bad the PC port truly is, and how bad of a game it is in comparison to the reboot. I’ll brave it a little more for the final week before my head is decapitated by a fan’s replica Rebellion sword when I’m out buying the newspaper in the morning.


Hint: I don’t buy the newspaper in the morning.


Moving on, the majority of time spent winding down from the expo was spent either yelling some more at Devil May Cry 3, recovering from ‘Expo Blues’ and a completely unsuspecting illness or spending a lot of time trapped in a prison cell of which will be explained in my review of Richard & Alice this weekend. By this point, the time spent on the review game has exceeded what I’ve spent on titles currently occupying the bucket mission list. It’s starting to become pretty clear that I made a mistake in compiling a list consisting of big budget releases when I know how much I tend to enjoy the games released by budding indie teams.

Looking back on this now, I’ve made a lot of mistakes. The challenge has carved itself out to be more of a test of character; something to try you and to remind you exactly why you kept putting those games off in the first place. Maybe I should just class Richard & Alice as my #2 – finish off Deus Ex: Human Revolution and completely devour Final Fantasy XIII-2 and then quietly make my way back into whatever MMO I get pulled into. With the beta launch date of Final Fantasy XIV set for next week, I guess it can act as my ultimate reward whether I complete the challenge or not. I’ve been waiting a long time for this day!

Today/tomorrow begins the final week. If I die now, I’m going to shoot myself. Or let the girl above apply the finishing blow to my 1 remaining heart.

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