Game of the Year 2014: Best Current-Gen Exclusive

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The votes are in. After weeks of fevered deliberation, we’ve finally settled on our winners for 2014’s TGH awards. Over the next few days we’ll honour the best looking, sounding, surprising – and even most broken as we (finally) put 2014 to bed.

Here’s our categories for this year:

Best Current-Gen Exclusive

Best Last-Gen Exclusive

Best PC Exclusive

Best Looking

Best Sounding

Best Surprise

Most Broken

Game of the Year

So let’s get on with it, shall we? Starting with our first award: Best Current-Gen Exclusive

To clarify, this award is reserved for games that came out across Wii U, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 without releasing on last generation hardware.

And the winner is…..

Bayonetta 2

Okay, perhaps this isn’t the most packed category – but Bayonetta 2 is far more than the best of a bad bunch.

In fact, it’s amazing to think that Bayonetta 2 nearly never got made.

The story goes that Platinum Games was rebuffed by virtually every potential publisher until Nintendo stepped in at the eleventh hour, and a Wii U exclusive release was secured.

Bayonetta 2 is so unique, so quirky, so unapologetic in both its bombast and its esotericism that the argument for purchasing a Wii U is made stronger by the game’s very existence.

The cutscenes aren’t great and there’s an annoying kid who turns into a squirrel, but the faults stop there.

There’s a depth to the combat that accommodates both button-mashing and more measured play; the actual in-game business all looks very shiny and full of colour; the plot is ridiculous, and the sense of occasion is unlike anything released in 2014.

The game’s very opening involves fighting atop a moving jet before beating up some kind of giant dragon at the tip of a skyscraper, and it just goes and goes from there.

You unleash giant monsters on your enemies, you go to hell, you fight with demigods, I think you go back in time. Recalling Bayonetta 2 is like piecing together a night on the tiles, the morning after the night before.

It’s also Platinum Games’ best character action game to date – the best, in fact, of a very strong bunch.

Here’s a quick look I took at the demo way back in October:

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