Game of the Year 2014: Best Looking

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Let’s keep this GOTY train a-rolling, shall we?

From stylised wonders like Luftrausers and Heavy Bullets to technical achievements like Shadow of Mordor and Far Cry 4, 2014 was a year of well-finished visual treats.

There was no treat, however, quite so sugary-sweet as our winner of 2014’s Best Looking category.

And the winner is…

Alien: Isolation

If, at Alien: Isolation’s very beginning, you spent ages pottering around the ship’s medical bay, taking a closer look at the game’s various nooks and intricacies, then you weren’t alone.

Isolation isn’t just a game that looks impressive across all formats, but one that imparts a design philosophy, acutely faithful to the 1979 film.

In particular, Alien: Isolation replicates the VHS-era retro-future design of the original movie well, utilising CRT monitors, DOS-era menu fonts, and decidedly industrial-feeling technologies to help build the world.

But it’s not just the homage to its source material that makes Isolation such a looker. The Sevastopol station feels lived-in and recently abandoned, with flickering lighting, tattered wiring and dank corridors thick with flecks of debris and plumes of smoke. Even panes of glass subtly distort your view when looked through.

Alien: Isolation is so saturated with detail and visual curios that the world is only made fuller, more believable – and importantly more tense – as a result.

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