Game of the Year 2014: Best Sounding

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We’re over half way through our games of 2014. Next up, the winner of our award for last year’s Best Sounding.

And the winner is…

Heavy Bullets

There isn’t one particular element of Heavy Bullets’ audio that stands out above the others. As I’ve mentioned before, Doseone’s soundtrack for the game is a wonderful, gritty piece that crescendos and falls away as the action comes and goes.

But every facet of the noises that the game produces is special in one way or another. There’s bullets and coins that bounce up and down, waiting to be collected, that make plinky plonky arcade noises; there’s oh-so subtle rustling in bushes that, if acknowledged, primes you for an inbound attack; and enemies emit primal grunts, ornithological cackles, and guttural shrieks.

The composition of the game’s soundtrack, diegetic noises, and Amazonian jungle backing works well in both filling out the world and creating tension. Moreover, it’s a juxtaposition of sounds that shouldn’t work but does so, brilliantly.

The likes of Shovel Knight and Luftrausers are wonderful sounding games from 2014 that don’t come close to what Heavy Bullets manages to do.

The below image gives you no idea what the game sounds like:

Heavy Bullets006

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