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Gaming Gods: Dan and Sam Houser

For Gaming Gods this week, I’ve gone a little unorthodox. For today’s Gaming Gods are 2 brothers, who could not justifiably be split up.

Sam and Dan Houser

Not much is known about the Houser brothers. Despite growing up wanting to be musicians, they always had a keen fascination with storytelling, even from a young age. Growing up near a video Library in London, England, they spent most of their time watching American crime and cult films and spaghetti westerns. Dan has stated that his favourite film is The Warrior, by Walter Hills.


Dan Houser has also been accredited as producer on 5 Grand Theft Auto games, as well as working as a writer and voice artist for the series. His brother Sam remains largely unaccredited in the series, despite numerous works on music, voice acting and actual production of the series.

Rockstar Games Logo

Despite the mixed accreditations on GTA, the brothers have managed to remain almost completely out of the spotlight. More recently, they have both combined their full attention to the production of the Rockstar Games brand, rather than giving any one person credit for the games’ success.

In 2009, the Houser brother both appeared in Time Magazine’s list of the Top 100 Most Influential people of 2009.
Sam Houser has also been accredited for Red Dead Redemption.

So, despite the fact that they have shied away from the spotlight, instead nibbling away at the fabric of one of the most successful game franchises of all time, these 2 brothers have made a huge contribution to the world of gaming. They have credits between them to all of the new GTA series, Red Dead redemption, Bully, Smuggler’s Run and Max Payne 3. So, even though they are hardly known, the work they do makes them worthy of a place on the Gaming God Throne.

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