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Ghost Recon Alpha Video Review

Ghost Recon Alpha is an interesting product to say the least. It’s essentially a live-action intro to the events leading up to the start of the new Ghost Recon: Future Solder game, and is being sold on DVD and Blu Ray, but is also, oddly enough available for free, in HD, on YouTube. I guess with all these options to view the 25-minute video, the question is – is it worth your 25 minutes to check it out?

If you’re a fan of military movies and/or videogames, then Ghost Recon Alpha is worth a look. It’s a 25-minute short that has the high-tech military operations team, the ‘Ghosts’, getting involved in a nasty little mission. Things go to hell for them quickly, and then, it fades out, and then presumably Ubisoft expect you to leave your abode and go buy the game.

While this might seem like a simple piece of video marketing for an upcoming game, it’s still worth a viewing. The production values are very high, and the acting is actually quite good, which frankly, is surprising for any film or short based on a game. Watching Ghost Recon Alpha makes it very easy to see that Ubisoft, with the right amount of money and support from Hollywood, could bring the Ghosts to the big screen in a non-embarrassing, non-Ed Wood sort of way.

Probably the oddest thing about the feature is that Ubisoft is actually selling it, while simultaneously releasing it on YouTube in HD format. While the DVD and Blu-Ray versions come with an extra 25 minutes of “making of” footage, I think most people will be more than happy to just watch the short for free, and move on with their day. For those that love extras, the “making of” footage is nice, but nothing spectacular, and feels a bit drawn out just to provide more filler material for the DVD.

Ghost Recon Alpha is certainly one of the better game-to-video projects out there and is worth watching. Whether you want to watch it for free or pay ($14.95 Blu Ray, $7.95 DVD) extra to basically get the movie and one extra on physical media is up to you. But, at a minimum, you should give it a viewing on YouTube if you’re a Ghost Recon fan.

Final Score:  3.5/5

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