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Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition Review

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Guacamelee! is still good, folks. It was good a year ago and it’s good now. It’s good how you can punch chickens; it’s good how you turn into a chicken; it’s good that you’re a luchador who flits between the realms of the living and the dead; and it’s good that it’s available on more consoles now. It’s also good that DrinkBox has added some more stuff – and the stuff they’ve added is good.

There’s not that much of it, though, and whether or not you should invest in Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition depends on whether you’ve played the vanilla game before, and whether you’ve already tried the previous DLC. If the answer to the above is ‘what’s a Guacamelee!?’, it’s a gorgeous platformer where you use pro wrestling moves to defeat monsters.

If your answer is ‘I own the gold edition’ or ‘I own the DLC’, then you’ve probably seen the best Guacamelee! has to offer by now. If the answer is ‘I own the base game’, then it’s a little more complicated.

Actually, if you own an Xbox One then it’s not that complicated. It’s free with your Gold membership (at the time of publication) and includes everything from the gold edition – so have at it. If you’re thinking of picking it up on anything else, the $15/ £12 investment required will get you two new stages, some new costumes, a new boss fight, and Intenso mode – a new powered-up state – as well as all previous content.

Of all the new features, Intenso mode is the most significant in that it affects the preexisting parts of the game. After tackling some of the bonus content, you’re awarded a power meter, unique to Super Turbo, that charges as you duff up enemies; once charged, you can unleash brief but significantly more powerful bursts of damage.

It’s interesting to see DrinkBox make such a potentially fundamental change. One of the intricacies of Guacamelee!‘s combat is the need to read visual cues and execute specific moves based on the colour of a given enemy’s shield. Intenso follows the game’s traditional upgrade path and, once buffed up, can actually bypass those shields altogether.

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It’s certainly handy in a pinch, though. At its most manic, Guacamelee! has a tendency to overload the screen with action given the specifics of the combat, and having Intenso as an out is helpful. Using it is optional, of course, and its inclusion is balanced enough given the time it takes to charge and the speed with which it drains.

Super Turbo Championship Edition‘s other additions are less dramatic. There’s a couple of new areas, as full of referential humour as the rest of the game and as vibrant in both colour and mood as you might expect. They slot in seamlessly, in fact. You’d be hard-pressed to distinguish new from old as you roll through, and new content is actually included early enough to make things feel fresh for returning players. The new boss fight comes with quite a bit of backstory, too, and the new baddie’s inclusion makes for some humorous narrative asides from the outset.

There’s some new elite enemies, too, although they only pop up occasionally and aren’t noticeably more challenging than the established ensemble. Previously released DLC El Diablo’s Domain is included in the bundle, too. In it, you undertake seventeen challenge stages tasking you with fighting enemies with a handicap or using your acquired skills to navigate short stages against the clock. It’s a good idea to play enough of the main game to learn all the requisite abilities first, but once you’re all tooled up, El Diablo’s Domain is both challenging and fun.

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition is still a gorgeously presented, challenging platformer. If you’ve paid and played before, then the new content isn’t enough to justify purchasing the game a second time. If you own Guacamelee! but haven’t yet tried El Diablo’s Domain, it’s well worth a separate purchase. If you haven’t yet found the time to try Guacamelee! at all then Super Turbo is the most complete version available – and it’s still very, very good.

TheGamersHub Score
Reviewer: Leo McCloskey
+ Pros

- It's still Guacamelee!

- Backstory to new boss fight is fun

- Intenso mode is implemented well

- New areas feel natural in the environment

- Cons

- Not much of a  visual upgrade for new-gen

- Not worth shelling out if you already own the game

- Missed opportunity to add variety to enemies and combat

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