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Kontrol Freek Review

By now most of you have heard about the controller accessory that attaches to the analog sticks and is supposed to give you improved, well, everything. By that I mean increased precision as well as even more movement out of your sticks. To tell you the truth, I really didn’t think that this ‘Kontrol Freek’ accessory would help me get the job done in all the first-person shooters that I love, but also suck at, but heck – they did.


Attaching easily to your controller’s analog sticks with little to no effort, Kontrol Freek does feel pretty weird at first. The ones I was using added an extra half-inch to each stick and for such a small change, it was something I needed to get used to. After about five or 10 minutes had passed, that weird/awkward feeling went away and my performance was markedly better. I started out using them in single-player so I could get used to them before I went to go play with the big boys online.

As I was clearing out single-player missions, I realized that I was getting a crazy amount of head-shots. I also noticed that the further away I was, the more accurate I became. As you can imagine, this is a very good thing to have when playing online. Playing Battlefield 4 with these on seemed to make a difference, and all you Battlefield players out there know that being able to take players out from afar with ease can really make you get a good K/D count at the end.

So, finally I bit the bullet and jumped online and, to my surprise and delight, I was doing a lot better than I’ve done in the past. Was I someone that people would want on their side? Maybe. But it’s crazy to think how much more I was enjoying the game do to this new accessory. To be honest, I thought that I’d just never be good online on these kinds of games. It’s also worth noting that after playing for a few hours, my hand never cramped up and I never had to crack my knuckles. My thumbs remained comfortable the entire time.


Kontrol Freek offers a wide variety of these stick extensions as they vary in length, grips also come in many different varieties, such as the classic grooved or even a special Call of Duty: Ghosts one, which are solid white and have a picture of that iconic skull in the center.

If you want to improve your skills on first-person shooters, but find yourself having trouble or you just want to be insanely good, then these may well be the answer. All of these fit on the Ps3 and Xbox 360 and, while I have the Phantoms, I found that they fit on the PS4 controller as well. Unfortunately, I don’t have an Xbox One – so I don’t know if they fit on the new controller.

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If you love FPS and just aren't that good at them you should give these a whirl, you might be surprised with what they can help you do.

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