Nintendo Announces New 3DS Consoles

A surprise came today through the words of Nintendo after a 3DS Nintendo Direct event turned out to be a little more than the planned showcase of the holiday season’s upcoming games. The company used it’s popular web show to unveil two new 3DS systems set to phase out the current lineup – minus the 2DS.

The “New 3DS and 3DS XL” systems revises the popular handhelds traditional body by adding 2 new shoulder buttons and a second, smaller analogue stick similar to that of the Gamecube’s C-Stick just above the face buttons. The upper 3D screen will now make us of the in-built gyroscope to help widen the ‘sweet spot’ of system’s stereoscopic effects, too.

Other additions include an unspecified upgrade to the machine’s CPU to help it push through some of the more demanding software changes to have graced the system over it’s 3-4 year lifespan – while paving the way for a select few titles that’ll only run on the spruced up hardware like the newly announced Xenoblade Chronicles port.

The new machines will be out in Japan come October 11th with a worldwide release planned for early in the new year. While no specific colour schemes have been directly announced for either version (aside from the special edition Monster Hunter 4 XL) Nintendo will be releasing over 40 faceplates for the non-XL variant to help those who crave a bit of personalisation.

Those who want the full scoop of today’s announcements can view the video here.

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