Oculus Rift Apparently Soft-Launching Summer 2015

The fine men and women over at Oculus VR have reportedly announced a Summer 2015 release for the consumer version of their mega-popular Rift HMD. At least… the beta version, anyway.

Oculus VR have allowed users to get their hands all over the Oculus Rift for a while now through 2 versions of ‘the dev kit;’ yet they’ve let anyone and everyone fork our the cash rather than keeping it behind certified developer doors.

Now that they’ve targeted what sounds like a soft-launch, it’s worth wondering just why they’re doing it. With 2 versions currently out in the wild, just what is a beta version of the proposed consumer release and why is it needed?

Right now the first idea that springs to mind is a soft-launch to allow for potential minor hardware bugs to be confirmed and ironed out – to minimize the chances of manufacturing and shipping hundreds of thousands of fault units; similar to how Microsoft’s Xbox 360 launched with rife overheating issues. Whether or not these potentially problematic headsets would release at a lower price point than the final product remains a fair question.

Another theory is to allow for potential customers and retailers to gauge interest in the product – something that I thought the highly successful dev kits had already achieved.

Either way, we finally have a smaller timeframe of when we should see the final design/spec of the product that has a lot of potential and promise to meet. Each development release has been praised non-stop by anyone and everyone who’s experienced the contraption. Hopefully the final release will bring even bigger smiles.


Source [TechRadar]


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