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‘One for Eleven’ Passes into Top 10

One for Eleven – A football management sim with a twist – launched on iOS and Android just over a week ago. Sadly, it wasn’t something we could cover on the site, despite being asked, due to time constraints! But that doesn’t seem to have stopped its advancement into the big leagues as Actoz Soft has scored the #1 spot for ‘Sports Apps’ on Android and iOS while currently being listed amongst the Top 10 in the UK under the same category.

The Free-to-Play sports simulator ties in management side of football – or ‘Soccer’ for the international readers – while showing off visual representations of match tactics and challenges in real-time. And, thanks to FIFA’s generous help, your on-screen heroes are not just randomly generated aspiring players, but hardcore veterans of the sport itself.

The ranking of the recent release must mean good things are coming out of this one. One for Eleven is available on both iOS and Android already, and has been for good week or two. Time to play catch up – and football – apparently.

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